Making GameBoy Advance Games with Go

This was an in depth talk about leveraging the Go programming language to build a game for the Ninteno Game Boy Advance. It covered tools and resouces related to programming on the GBA as well as the unique hardware of the system.

The talk explored the challengines of interacting with low level hardware as well as writing code for highly constrained environments. It also presented a uniqe look at the versitiliy of the Go programming languge and how to leverage it in non-traditional ways.


This talk was given 2 seperate times:

You can find a copy of both the slide decks for this talk here (for the Go Users Group talk) and here (for the Go West talk).

Watch it

This is the version of the talk given to the Go Users Group. It’s a longer presentation with more detail and technical information.

This is the talk given at Go West, 2023. It’s a shorter, less technical version of the talk that covers the topic at a higher level of abstraction.